Valentine’s Day Keepsake for Grandma

Valentines Day Keepsake for Grandma

Valentines Day Keepsake for Grandma

One of my favorite things to do with the girls is make keepsakes for the girls Grandma’s. The absolutely love anything that is personalized and captures this time in their lives when they are so small. For Valentine’s day this year we made them a special Valentine’s Day keepsake that can easily be hung someplace or can even be made into a bookmark.

Here’s what you need.

Valentines Day Keepsake for Grandma

 1. Cardstock

2. Pipe cleaners

3. Stickers, Glitter and things to decorate

4. Mod Podge

5. Wine cork

6. Hole puncher

7. Pencil

First, trace your little one’s forearm and hand on the cardstock paper with a pencil.

IMG_4113 copy

Cut the outline out. Place heart sticker onto wine cork to make a stamp.

Valentines Day Keepsake for Grandma



Next, dip the stamp into modge podge and stamp hand so that it makes a heart stamp with the glue.


Then cover the hand with glitter, wipe off excess and you should get a cute little glitter heart.

Have your kids decorate it how they want. We added another little heart sticker and used a red pipe cleaner and made it into a heart shape.

Use hole puncher to punch a hole in the bottom of the forearm so you can attach the heart shaped pipe cleaner, some ribbon or even some yarn.

If you cover this with clear contact paper, this can easily be turned into a bookmark!

Don’t forget to write the child’s name and date on the back.

Valentines Day Keepsake for Grandma

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