Yoga Pant Queen No More: Shopping Apricot Lane

Apricot Lane San Antonio

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Well, I’ve haven’t done a fashion post on my blog yet, so today is the first. And I will be the first to admit the reason.

I’ve been yoga pants queen the past few months…ok years. Hey now, remember, I have been pregnant for, oh let me think…the past 3 years… EEEK!

Sadly, it’s true. Tater is 18 months old and Tot is now 4 months, so you can do the math. Feels like I’ve been pregnant or nursing forever.


I’ve only just recently started to feel normal again. So to say that I was excited, when I was invited out to Apricot Lane Boutique to check out some of their new stuff for the fall, is really an understatement. Let me tell you, the opportunity to get out of the house for a couple of hours to go shopping, alone…baby-less was AMAZING.

I had never been there before, but they have the CUTEST things and at a really great price. You never know what to expect when visiting a Boutique, but really, great deals.

I knew I couldn’t return home empty handed. I knew that if I somehow left without a bag in my hand, that I would probably cry, and then take it out on the husband when I got home in some way.


Luckily for him it wasn’t too hard to find something I loved. For those that know me know that I have a BIG slight obsession with scarves. I have a huge collection of colors, patterns and styles in my closet…too many to begin trying to count, some I wear a lot and some I have never worn, a collector, a hoarder call it what you wish.

So it totally made my night when I saw they had a big selection of scarves. Check out the one I got below.

And get this, it was $13.00!

Places to shop San Antonio

LOVE it.

I also had to scoop up a pretty bracelet and one of their long printed sweaters. In addition to clothes, jewelry and scarves they have a good selection of hats, purses and shoes too. You can get a whole new wardrobe there if you really wanted to.

Today I’m back in yoga pants, but I won’t lie. It felt good to get out and get some new things to wear.

Apricot Lane is located in San Antonio and in Dallas. If you’re around those areas go check them out. You can also follow them on Facebook.

Do you have a favorite fashion item, like my scarf obsession, that you have too many of?


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